Macworld Mobile joins MWC 2011

September 17, 2010

GSMA recognises importance of iPhone app developers

[Countdown2MobileWorldCongress] To ensure the MWC show stays at the forefront of mobile app development, the GSMA has reached a deal with IDG World Expo (which owns MacWorld). As a result, Macworld Mobile will be held in conjunction with the MWC next year [2011]. Both Palm and RIM/Blackberry will also host events for developers at MWC 2011. The GSMA also announced a ‘Brand App Challenge’ competition which will start in October [2010]. Winners will receive their cash prizes at the MWC show in February 2011. The current line-up of speakers has been released by the GSMA, too.

As a result of the deal with IDG, at MWC there will be a Macworld Mobile will be a mobile developer event for both the Apple iPhone and iPad platforms.  Additionally, a Macworld Mobile iOS Developer Conference will provide full-day, in-depth training with technical sessions, targeting tools and applications specifically designed for mobile application developers and engineers.

It’s not just Apple developers who are being targeted at the MWC, however. RIM will be hosting an ADC for 500 BlackBerry developers on the Tuesday [February15th 2011] while on the Wednesday [February16th] it will be Palm’s turn to host an App Planet ADC.

What exactly is the Brand App Challenge? The GSMA wants to reward mobile application developers who create the best ‘brand apps’ for a number of global consumer brand names.

It says, “Developers will compete by creating customised mobile apps for the participating brand sponsors based on the objectives and guidance provided by the individual brands.” No details of which brands are involved were given.

Nonetheless, the primary goals of the Brand App Challenge are to create networking and business opportunities which benefit the brands, application developers and the broader mobile ecosystem. Furthermore, the Challenge will “tap the creativity and capabilities of the mobile application developer community to address brand and industry challenges.”


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