Mobile apps to play bigger part in MWC awards

October 8, 2010

Rating: Don’t mention that chairman of BP, Carl-Henric Svanberg won in 2010

Hard on the heels of acknowledging Apple’s key role in the mobile space (see here), the GSMA is upping the importance of mobile apps in its 2011 awards. These will be announced on February 15th2011. The show’s organiser has introduced a new category – Global Mobile App Awards, and divided it into two sub-categories. You better get your skates on because entries opened on September 13th 2011 and close on November 22nd 2010. The GSMA will announce the shortlist of nominations for each category in mid-January 2011.

The two sub-categories for the Global Mobile App wards are: – Apps of the Year, and Judges’ Choice – Best App. Apps of the Year will have five awards determined by user choice and statistical analysis. The GSMA forgot to explain just what this analysis is in its Press Release (See here). However, elsewhere on the Global Mobile Awards site, the organisers say, “This category is based upon Apps downloaded by customers from App Stores and other mobile distribution software platforms.” Hmm. Wonder who is putting that information together and which stores are included? GetJar would be upset if it gets left out, for example.

In the case of the Judges Choice – Best App award, the winner will be selected by a panel of independent experts. Obviously there’s no need to enter for this category. Countdown2MWC also assumes there’s no need to apply for the ‘Best Mobile Handset/Device’ and ‘Mobile Device Manufacturer of the Year’ because nominations will also be chosen by the panel of industry experts rather than through the traditional online entry process. Apparently the aim here is to accurately reflect global market trends in device innovation and leadership. Sounds like some people have tried to cheat in the past, doesn’t it?

Commenting on these new developments, Michael O’Hara, CMO with the GSMA, said, “Now in our 16th year, we have introduced new awards to reflect emerging trends such as the proliferation of applications and the rise of connected devices in sectors such as health, transport, utilities and consumer electronics.”

The good news is that there’s a total of 26 awards. Found out who won last year here. A couple of own goals here because the now infamous chairman of BP, Carl-Henric Svanberg, took the GSMA Chariman’s award for being former CEO with Ericsson. Better not mention that to our American cousins.


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