QandA: Peter Dykes – Senior Analyst, Networks at Informa

November 11, 2010

The Countdown2MWC team were delighted to get some airtime with industry veteran, Peter Dykes, Senior Analyst, Networks with Informa Telecoms & Media.

Q.  Tell us a bit about you:

I was a BT engineer for 10 years back in the dying days of Strowger systems. Since then I’ve done a variety of jobs before getting into telecoms journalism in the early 1990’s.

Q – Tell us a little bit about the analyst firm you work for and their interest in mobile technology:

What is there to say about Informa that hasn’t already been said? It has probably the most comprehensive data on global cellular and broadband subscriptions and infrastructure and is among the most-quoted analyst houses in the world.

Q – What’s hot in mobiles and telecoms this year?

The collection and processing of network and subscriber data and taking action on the resulting analysis.

Q – How many events do you attend each year?

No more than two or three these days. Like everyone else, travel budgets have been cut.

Q – How many MWCs have you been to? If you are not there this year but will want to know what’s happening. Any top tips for ARs or Companies planning to engage with you?

I’ve been to at least eight, although not all as a representative of Informa. I haven’t been to the last couple because being interested mainly in OSS/BSS, I don’t take MWC too seriously. It seems to that MWC is about being seen to be there these days and as such is a bit of a waste of time. Top tips? Leave me alone, I’m not going!

Q – Which event are you most looking forward to?

TeleManagement World although less so this year because it’s not in Nice. It is great to have all those B/OSS people in one place though. Things get done at TMFW.

Q. -What types of companies are likely to attract your attention this year?

Anyone in policy control, DPI, network data analytics, network management, traffic management etc.

Q. How many interviews do you do per week?

Around half a dozen, although there is always something else to be getting on with.

Q – What’s the best way to pitch a company to you? Email? Phone? Twitter? By mail?

Email, without a doubt. I hate Twitter.

Q. – Who is worth listening to?

Brian Eno.

Q. – What’s your favourite blog?

I don’t have one. As a former journalist I think blogs are irrelevant.

Q – What is your favourite piece of technology?

The computer. It has changed everything.

Q -What do you think is the most important development in mobiles and telecoms to date?

In telecoms generally, it has to be the development of the mobile phone. In mobile specifically, it has to be pre-paid.

Q – What is the best piece of advice for companies pitching stories?

Make sure it is relevant to the person you are pitching it to.

Q – What was the best press trip you’ve ever been on? Worst? Why?

The best press trip was a week travelling around the Nordic countries taking in both operators and equipment vendors. It was also the worst because one of the journalists got drunk and insulted our hosts.

Q-  What’s your favourite restaurant?

CoCo Beach in Nice.

Q – Are you a social media lover? Which ones are you on? FB? LinkedIn? Twitter?

I’m on FB socially and use LinkedIn for work, but I keep them completely separate.

Q- Tell us something no-one knows about you? Do you have any unusual or unexpected hobbies/interests? Do you have a claim to fame?

My secrets are my own.



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