WPP’s Sorrell to speak at MWC ’11 side event

December 9, 2010

Rating: Mobile Ad Forum is event-in-an-event

The GSMA has managed to attract some of the Top Guns within the world of advertising to MWC 2011. Well, a bit of the MWC, actually. Sir Martin Sorrell from WPP will be headlining at the Mobile Ad Forum by speaking on the second day of the Congress (15th February). This Forum is described as an event within an event. It promises, however, to tackle some of the major issues facing the fledgling mobile advertising industry. Like ‘Integrating Mobile into a Broader Advertising Campaign’, for example.The show’s organisers have also finally released details of the ‘Brand App Challenge’. Guess which is one of the brands? Here’s a clue- things go better with it.Besides Sir Martin, Michael Roth, will also be keynoting. He is CEO of the Interpublic Group which is one of the world’s premier advertising and marketing services companies, allegedly.

Other luminaries will represent top players like Google, Yahoo and M&C Saatchi Mobile along with specialists like Amobee.

Here’s some of the other topics that will be covered… How effective is multimedia mobile advertising?; How to make in-app advertising work; and delivering personalised advertising while protecting privacy. That in-app one is an especially hot topic.

The GSMA’s CMO, Michael O’Hara, commented, “With unmatched reach, interactivity and personalisation capabilities, more than ever before, mobile has a critical role to play in the development and execution of brand marketing campaigns.” Too right.

On the subject of the Brand App Challenge, he maintained that, “This competition taps the creativity and capabilities of the mobile application developer community to address brand and industry challenges.”

Actually, competitors will actually have to get their skates on if they are to develop a winning app to promote the Coca-Cola brand.

We haven’t seen the guidelines but we’d guess you’ve got to come up with a novel way of promoting Coca-Cola [classic], Coke Zero and Diet Coke in a mobile setting.

Criteria for participation; creative briefs; and details on the submission process can be found here.


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