Hacks and Hackettes can now register for MWC 2011

December 17, 2010

But you’ll need a promo code to do so
by Hans Cett

Although tickets for the next Mobile World Congress became generally available back in November as we reported here, it has only recently been possible to register as a member of the media. So, here at Countdown2MWC we’ve only just been able to register as Press. That’s because – as we correctly surmised – you actually need a special authorisation code in order to obtain your free pass. So you’ll very definitely need to email the show organizer’s PR company, MiLiberty, in order to complete the registration process. Use the email address registration@mobileworldcongress.com to do so.

Part of the confusion surrounding Press registration for MWC stems from the fact that releases from the GSMA – the official sponsors of the Mobile World Congress – are handled by the CC Group. So it is no use asking them about registration because it’s being handled by MiLiberty. Both companies are respected and well known in mobile circles, though.

At the time of writing, details of what constitutes a media person were also missing from the official Mobile World Congress site. They should be here. Luckily for us, MiLiberty has sent us a copy of the Acrobat (.pdf) file which contains all the information you’ll need to qualify as a member of the media.

It’s not actually impossible to gain admittance as a blogger but you’ll have to meet the conditions set out for commercial web sites. These are that, “The web site must post original, dated, industry-related news at least once per week. The web site content must extend beyond, links, forums, personal diaries, opinion or personal analysis.”

One of the main reasons why Countdown2MWC wanted to register early was to get our hands on the My MWC app. This helps you set up all of your diary arrangements for the show. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t seem to be available yet and this is because the My MWC facility itself has yet to open.

You must register for My MWC, otherwise you won’t be able to download transcripts of the keynote speeches from the Congress. My MWC is due to get going this month [December 2010] so we should have more news shortly.


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