My MWC social networks comes online

January 5, 2011

Optimised for most leading smartphone makes
by Hans Cett

It looked like the GSMA, organisers of the Mobile World Congress exhibition was going to miss its own deadline for delivering its ‘My MWC’ service. Although registered congress attendees were only notified of its availability today [January 4th 2011], it did actually go live in December 2010. Crucially My MWC is not offered as mobile app – My MWC is a web based service. So whatever handset/PC browser you access the web site with, the results are going to be fine tuned for your particular make and model of mobile device. Consequently the PC and the Android versions of the same My MWC site don’t even look remotely similar to each other’As you can see from the URL in the email sent to registered attendees, the My MWC facility has been specially constructed for the show’s organisers by Zerista – a Denver, USA based mobile web specialist.

The company tells Countdown2MWC that the mobile web version has been optimised for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile 7, and BlackBerry handsets plus newer Nokia devices. [Zerista didn’t elaborate on which ones.]

The MWC web site made clear that unless you opt for My MWC access at the time of registration, you won’t automatically be given to access the facility.

What you definitely need is the email address and password you used to register for the Congress.

The best way to ensure the service is optimised for your particular smartphone is to point its mobile browser at the My MWC site which can be found here http://m.mymwc.zerista.com/. Note the ‘m.’ at the front of the URL. You don’t need that for the PC/Mac version.

After you’ve signed into My MWC you will be visible to all other participants. Zerista points out that messages from My MWC will be sent to the email address provided on registration.

However, it is possible to adjust your privacy settings or email notification preference afterwards. Simply click on ‘My Profile’ and then select either ‘Settings’ or ‘Notifications’ from the menu system.

Another tip Zerista offers is to add MyMWC@Zerista.com to your address book or safe sender list.

The main facilities My MWC offers are the ability to … Connect: -network with other attendees prior to the event. Meet: – contact attendees and exhibitors with shared interests to setup onsite meetings. Share: – post status updates, follow conference sessions and engage in forum discussions. And to Plan: – create a personalised event schedule including conference sessions and onsite meetings.


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