Number of MWC media registrations jumps 70%

January 20, 2011

USA just pips UK to having the most
by Hans Cett

Here at Countdown2MWC we’ve decided to do our own little analysis on the number of media registrations for the Mobile World Congress 2011 given there’s less than four weeks to go. in the space of just 12 days [6th-18th January] the number of journalists/reporters/analysts has left by over 70 per cent from 362 to 621. That figure will already be out of date by the time you read this, of course!So which country would you think was intending to send the most media representatives to the world’s largest telecommunications show? You’d be right if you picked the USA but only just because the USA had 88 registrations to the UK’s 87.

Now, given that the exhibition itself is being held in Spain (although the residents of Barcelona might prefer us to say Catalonia), it’s no surprise that Spanish media persons come third with 73.

Given that France is also right next door and so some French people won’t have to travel too far either, French journos come fourth with 70 while Germany isn’t too far behind with 64.

Here’s a surprise, though. Nokia is still by far the largest supplier of mobile phones in the world and the company’s fortunes have a large impact on the Finnish economy. Yet only 14 members of the Finnish press and analyst sectors have so far registered. Sweden – which pays host to Ericsson – has been able to muster two more – 16.

And here’s the clincher. China which is fast becoming the powerhouse behind the mobile sector’s handset and infrastructure businesses can boast absolutely none. That’s no strictly true because two media people are coming from Hong Kong and Taiwan is sending four. Still, we would have expected more.

Obviously there will be a rush of last minute registrations but these are very interesting trends indeed.


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