Unwired View creates great MWC guide

January 24, 2011

Includes one event we forgot – Swedish Beers
by Hans Cett

There’s a great guide from Unwired View for all those planning to attend MWC 2011. It outlines all the important event, launches and parties which the authors have found to date. You can find it here. In charge of compiling this mini database is London-based video journalist, mobile enthusiast and gadget girl – Leila Makki. You can find her own web site here.The publication also says, “If you want to add the info about your event, or find we got some wrong info, or want your event removed from the list, drop us an e-mail as mwc11 at unwiredview dot com.”

We’re glad to note that, like us, this guide includes ShowStoppers, MobileFocus Global and the GoMo News Blender. However, it mentions another of our favourites – Swedish Beers which will be held at 8 pm (20.00) on Wednesday 16th February. The venue has yet to be determined so the best thing to do – as per the GoMo News Blender – is join the Swedish Beers user group on Facebook.

The guide should also help to focus your mind because things kick off early on the day of the show. You’ve got to get your badge in plenty of time if you want to make the Nokia Siemens Network conference for hacks and analysts @ 9.30 am (09.30) on the first day.

Countdown2MWC remembers joining the wrong queue (line) one year which wasted valuable time. There is a separate entrance for the Press but don’t forget your photo ID. We use a Citizen card because there is no way we are going to carry around a passport. The organisers don’t seem to like it much but if it can get you into Glastonbury, it should jolly well work in Barcelona.

UPDATE: The Unwired guide mentions an event on Sunday February 13th @ 6pm which is entitled Sony Ericsson – Meet the new members of the Xperia family. Could this be when the much-rumoured PlayStation Phone finally gets unveiled?


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  1. […] And good luck with this MWC campers, as it looks like this one can get a little complicated….. Any more suggestions for drinking and party games (remember there may be children watching!) please add as comments to the blog and of course don’t forget our earlier post of parties at the show care of TelecomTV’s Leila Makki here. […]

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