Glitch hits GSMA Mobile World Congress registration

January 25, 2011

Spanish CRM system sends out confirmation 36 times

by Hans Cett

A rather unfortunate glitch appears to have hit the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software deployed by the GSMA Mobile World Congress’ registration team based in Spain (maybe even in Barcelona itself). The system has just sent this particular hack his Fast Track confirmation by email a massive 36 times. The messages seem to be emanating from this CRM system here. While the show’s organisers should be applauded for employing 2D barcodes, they won’t win any plaudits for being Green because the email urges the recipient to print out the code.The 2D code being employed isn’t very sophisticated, either. From our trained eye, the 2D barcode appears to be a QR code contained a very simple string. In fact it is your eight character ‘Registration ID:’  Countdown2MWC read the code with the NeoMedia NeoReader code reader but in this case it didn’t bother to identify the barcode type.

Surely as the world’s leading exponent of mobile technology, you’d expect the organisers to suggest they save it as a file on their mobile phone? After all, who is going to attend MWC 2011 and not have a smartphone or featurephone on their person?

Anyway, the email merely says … ” If the barcode is clearly visible on your phone or handheld device, you may bring this to Fast Track instead of a print out.”

This is reminiscent of the arguments Countdown2MWC usually has over whether anything other than a UK passport represents an acceptable item of photo ID. You can try loading the barcode on your phone but you still might not succeed in getting it accepted.

Countdown2MWC has tried to contact the show’s organisers for comment and is awaiting their response.



  1. Well, I don’t have a featurephone or smartphone and I’m attending MWC. Not asking for one, just pointing out that your assumption is incorrect

    • Silly me. I should have thought of that. Computing (the trade magazine) was written on typewriters for years as well!

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