Barcelona still hanging on in there as poss MWC venue

January 27, 2011

GSMA produces shortlist of 4 cities for Capital

The previous shortlist of six cities has been whittled down to four (not three as originally intended) for the chance to become the GSMA‘s ‘Mobile World Capital‘. That means we’ve said goodbye to Amsterdam (our favourite candidate) and Cologne as possible winners. It also means that Barcelona is hanging on in there as a competitor along with the French capital –Paris, Italy’s Milan, and Germany’s Munich. Becoming the official Mobile World Capital for the five-year period between 2013 and 2017 has many implications. Probably the most important one, however, is that the capital will host the annual Mobile World Congress. So there’s a chance that Barcelona could lose that honour.John Hoffman, CEO with the MWC show’s organiser, the GSMA, said, “The quality of the proposals from the candidate cities to date has been outstanding – making our decision that much more difficult.

The four finalists announced today [January 25th] each have a clear, multi-faceted vision for how they will make their city the Mobile World Capital.”

The concept of the Mobile World Capital includes not only hosting MWC 2013 but also a range of academic and business development opportunities, cultural festivals and programmes, and the creation of a centre for the industry, the GSMA says.

What this does mean is that Barcelona will play host to the MWC show again next year [2012] so it would still be wise to rebook your accommodation while you’re in the city next month [February 2011]. Barcelona won’t lose the event until 2013 and anyway, we will all know by mid-2011 which city has won the mantle of Mobile World Capital.

Read the full announcement here and for more information on the Mobile World Capital look at the dedicated site here.

The site contains this little gem …  “We have experienced tremendous success and our partnership with Barcelona has been extremely positive for the GSMA, for our exhibitors and for our attendees.”

So those with extremely negative experiences are just ignored, then?


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