Sky News Gadgeteer: Q&A with Martin Stanford, BSkyB

February 8, 2011

By Rose Ross (@Rose_at_O) and Olivia Shannon (@olivia_at_o)

Martin Stanford is a prime-time anchorman and technology journalist at Sky News, broadcasting each weekday evening from 8 to 10pm. He is also host of the irreverent talk show Technology Unplugged. The Countdown2MWC team was delighted to get some insights from Martin on the mobile/telecoms industry and Mobile World Congress 2011. For more information, his biography is available here.

Q.  Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a full-time newscaster and part-time tech journalist working for Sky News in London. 

Q. What’s hot in mobiles this year?

Well, I’m not sure – let’s see what emerges. There will be more tablets, I am sure – and smaller smart phones, I am told, if that’s not a contradiction.

Q. How many MWCs have you been to?

This will be my fifth time.

Q. How many mobile events do you attend each year?

This is the main one!

Q. How many interviews do you do per week?

At least one a day for the web; on TV it depends on the news agenda.

Q. What’s the best way to pitch a story to you?

Email is probably best.

Q. What’s your favourite blog?

Pocket-lint keeps me abreast of things.

Q. What is your favourite piece of technology?

Right now? I have HTC Desire HD in one pocket; iPhone 4 in the other – tough call.

Q. What do you think is the most important development in mobiles to date?

Web access / applications

Q. What is the best piece of advice for companies pitching stories?

Think visual: how can we make great pix out of this?

Q. What was the best press trip you’ve ever been on?

The best press trip I’ve been on was in South Korea and Japan a few years ago.

Q.  What’s your favourite restaurant?

The Waterside in Bray.

Q. Are you a social media lover? Which ones are you on?

I’m on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Q. Tell us something no one knows about you.

I have been known to tread the boards – open air Shakespeare in June – nothing like it – so long as it doesn’t rain (which it almost always does).  I am a fully paid up Hollywood actor. I appeared in the movie Independence Day (albeit out of focus, on one of dozens of screens in a scene set in a TV station), for all of, well three seconds?

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