Introducing M2M Now: Q&A with Jeremy Cowan, Editorial Director of Vanilla Plus and M2M Now

February 9, 2011

New magazine’s first issue to appear at MWC 2011 in Barcelona
by Rose Ross (@Rose_at_O) and Olivia Shannon (@olivia_at_o)

VanillaPluss parent company, Prestige Media Ltd (PML), recently announced the launch of a brand-new magazine, M2M Now, to serve the rapidly developing global market for connected devices and machine-to-machine communications.

The Editor of VanillaPlus, Jeremy Cowan, stepped into the role of Launch Editor of M2M Now, vacating the Editor’s chair on VanillaPlus but retaining his role as Editorial Director and Publisher of PML.

The first issue of M2M Now will appear at Mobile World Congress 2011.  Before you pick up your copy, read this Q&A session to learn a little more about the kinds of stories Jeremy looks for and the best ways to engage with him.

Q.  Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’ve been editing and managing telecoms mags since 1993, when I was plucked from editing a series of Defence/ Industrial/ Healthcare/ Parenting mags. Got bored of watching my last co. mess up every new launch, so decided to make my own mistakes and launched VanillaPlus.

Q. Tell us a little bit about the titles you write for and their interest in mobile technology.

We launched VanillaPlus in 1999 to be an alternative (more software and business-focused) resource for telcos. Now in its 13th year. We focus on the business of telecoms at least as much as the technology, but try not to take it all too seriously.

Then came Stream Magazine (on mobile data services) and Mobile Music events – both sold to Intent Media. Now we’re launching M2M Now (http://m2mnow.biz goes live on Mon 14 Feb, 2011).

Q. What’s hot in mobiles this year?

Mobile banking and payment. Embedded devices. Smart grids.

Q. How many mobile events do you attend each year?

About 8-10.

Q. Which one are you most looking forward to?

MWC: It’s exhausting (if you’re doing it right), but I always get a buzz out of Barca. Carriers World for the contacts, Management World in Orlando for November sun.

Q. What top tips do you have for companies planning their PR campaigns for MWC?

Call early, don’t just email. Be prepared to call again.

Q. When do you start planning you diary for MWC?

Varies. Sad, I know, but this year it was late Dec.

Q. What types of stories or companies are likely to attract your attention this year?

Anything that isn’t just “me-too” products/solutions. Case studies on successful, topical M2M deployments.

Q. How many interviews do you do per week?

Varies again, sometimes 2-3, other times 15+.

Q. What’s the best way to pitch a story to you? Email? Phone? Twitter? By mail?

Phone every time. It’s quicker.

Q. Who is worth listening to?

Emily Nagle Green, Ray Le Maistre, Alun Lewis, Pat McCarthy.

Q. What’s your favourite blog?

Emily Nagle Green’s.

Q. What is your favourite piece of technology?

My PowerMonkey, which has saved my iPhone bacon more than once

Q. What do you think is the most important development in mobiles to date?


Q. What is the best piece of advice for companies pitching stories?

Do some basic research. Know what we do before you pitch to us.

Q. What was the best press trip you’ve ever been on?

4 days in Mombasa, Kenya for a shipping mag (my first job).

Q. Worst?

Visit to Newcastle.

Q. Why?

Because of a wardrobe malfunction in the trouser dept that necessitated my entering every room at the back of the line.

Q. What’s your favourite restaurant?

XL in Lisbon

Q. Are you a social media lover? Which ones are you on? FB? LinkedIn? Twitter?

Love LinkedIn, don’t use FB, toy with Twitter (@jcm2m).

Q. Tell us something no one knows about you.

My saxophone playing can clear a room of any size.


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