#MWC11 with all these parties – there have to be some drinking games!

February 10, 2011

By Rose Ross, @Rose_at_O

…. so here is one – courtesy of sister blog: www.countdown2infosecurity.com editor, Mr Steve Gold (@swgold). Cheers, Steve.

And good luck with this MWC campers, as it looks like this one can get a little complicated….. Any more suggestions for drinking and party games (remember there may be children watching!) please add as comments to the blog and of course don’t forget our earlier post of parties at the show care of TelecomTV’s Leila Makki here.

Drinking Games in Spain: Los Chunguitos

Los Chunguitos are a 1970s rumba band from Madrid, who have the honour of being the inspiration for a popular Spanish drinking game of the same name.

To play, take a group of jovial drinkers sitting in a circle or around a table. In the first round, each person must clap, flamenco style, and call out, “I am Chungitos number one”, with the next person saying, “I am Chungitos number two”, until each has their own number. In the second round, each person calls out their own number, then the number of someone else, all the while clapping flamenco style. The new number must then call out their own number, then another new number, and so forth. Sounds easy, right?

Well to complicate things, the person directly to the right of the current player must also “play” the drums (mime and make drum sounds), while the person directly to the left must play the guitar. Whoever makes a mistake or is too slow has to drink, and the game starts again. Keep adding more ‘instruments’ to spice things up!

There are variations of this game all over Europe and Asia.


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