Twitter hashtags suffer from crossed wires

February 10, 2011

Is that mobile phones or basket ball you’re on about?
by Hans Cett

A rather amusing mix up appears to have been perpetuated by those following the Mobile World Congress on Twitter. Messages which are aimed at supporters of sports in the Mountain West Conference are accidentally intermingling with messages aimed at those planning to attend next week’s mobile and cellular show in Barcelona.In order to improve search results on Twitter, it is a commonplace practice to build keywords into individual Tweets.

The convention is to add the hash (or gate) character immediately in front of the word which you wish to emphasise as a keyword.

So #Cett would be added to any tweets about my good self. These indicators are officially known as ‘hashrags’.

The snag is that, according to the GSMA, the official hashtag for the impending Mobile World conference is #MWC11. Unfortunately, a whole stack of people are using #MWC instead.

To some extent this is working. However, historically #MWC has been used by those following a US based university sports league – the Mountain West Conference. This conference appears to be spread cross Idaho, Colorado and other states in that vicinity.

To gauge exactly what is going on, it’s a good idea to look at the third party  Hashtags.org site.

A quick search shows that both #MWC and #MWC11 are being used by exhibition followers.

Indeed there was one using #MWC11 from a company called Communigate which was offering five free passes to MWC. Useful since Coundtdown2MWC’s own ticket giveaway closed on February 1st!

In light of this mix up could we suggest some alternative hashtags?How about … #OMGitsMWC or #braceyourselffortheFirafrenzy; or #SOSMWC?

Our favourite is, of course, #icantbelieveitisstillinBarcelona.

Incidentally, Countdown2MWC noticed from some tweets using #MWC that there is a ‘secret’  party happening after the MLove party which is to be held on Thursday 17th February.

This secret terrace party has an undisclosed location and only those in the know will be able to find it. This is reminiscent of the parties John Dvorak used to hold at Comdex in Las Vegas.


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