Next mobile apps event – Conclave Bangalore

February 22, 2011

Indian city pays host to BRIC apps showcase
by Hans Cett (@HansCett)

Coming down after Barcelona (MWC 2011)? Well, you’ve got two months to record before the next event covering mobile apps. It’s next stop India for the Mobile Apps Conclave – Bangalore Edition. The whole event is entitled ‘The Mobile Web Disruption – Life, Media and Business get Appified’. It’s being organised by CellStrat which readily admits that there will be around some 400 brand, media and technology executives at the event compared to the 60,000 plus who are just returning from MWC 2011.We all know that most of the next billion mobile phones will be sold to BRIC [Brazil, Russia, India, and China] territories and this show is being held right in the heart of one of the BRIC power houses.

The event will be held on April 29th 2011 and the venue is The Chancery Pavilion Hotel, 135 Residency Road, Bangalore, India. We’ve done a bit of currency conversion and tickets start at around €39. If you want to register the URL is here.

The show’s organisers are hoping that more app developers take up the challenge and pay to have their apps shown on centre stage in the ‘Showcase Expo of innovative Mobile Solutions and Apps’.

Isn’t it just typical? Two of Countdown2MWC’s collegues – ‘Mad’ Mike Magee and Paul ‘Monty’ Munford were living out in India for some time but they’re both back in Blighty now!


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  1. […] Incidentally, there is still time to attend a show in another BRIC territory – India. The Conclave Bangalore takes place on April 29th and we gave more details about it  here. […]

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