Get the Countdown2MWC Android app

February 26, 2011

Pump up your web site brand in 2 mins flat

My colleague on GoMo News came across a terrific system called AppsGeyser. It has got to be the simplest and fastest way of creating an Android app. A brilliant way of building your brand. Shame there’s no iPhone version, though. Anyway, GoMo News created an app here that points people our blog site – Countdown2MWC – in two minutes flat. There’s no programming skills required whatsoever. In theory the Android app should be pointing at a mobile friendly web site but the app appeared to automatically recognise our WordPress hosted blog. So the app optimises viewing of a regular web site for mobile phone users.When you visit the AppsGeyser web site, you’re presented with three methods of creating the app. However, the option we took was to simply enter the URL for our blog site.

Next you sign up for the service and this process will take you to the dashboard. You can then test your app.

It’s a piece of cake to download the app because Appsgeyser automatically creates a QR code.

Then all you need to do is fire up a barcode reader on your cameraphone. If there’s no one built in then try Neoreader from NeoMedia. Read the QR code and the handset’s browser is automatically routed to your download page.

To create a bit of publicity, you can publish the app to the Android Market or AppsGeyser’s own app store. Naturally, you’ll have to wait for the app to be properly vetted first.

Plus on the AppsGeyser site there are already links to six leading social networks – including Twitter and Facebook. It’s easy to spread the word!

If you achieve a certain level of downloads, AppsGeyser will then let you insert one of its ads into the app. That means that you end up getting paid by AppsGeyser for creating the app.

It’s a brilliant way of marketing your web site on a shoe-string budget.

If you want to try out the official Countdown2MWC Android app here’s the link … http://appsgeyser.com/getwidget/Countdown2MWC


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