Mobile and Telecoms Press spams itself

March 30, 2011

Beware Mobile Directory 2011
by Hans Cett (@HansCett)

A rather unfortunate mistake has led significant numbers of the mobile and telecoms Press to spam themselves thanks to an email sent out for the ‘Mobile Directory 2011’. Whatever you do don’t reply to the email entitled ‘Last days to be part of Mobile Directory 2011’. The reason is simple – you will simply reply to the entire database list which appears to consist mostly of mobile journalists from around the world.

The list seems to have been put together by a German company, Fraunhofer, which describes itself here as  ” Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization.” The list then seems to have been acquired by a firm based in Uruguay called Enlace which is definitely the publisher of the Mobile Directory 2011.

Organisations which Enlace claims have already subscribed to this directory include the GSMA – although it seems the Latin American branch is responsible for this. Another big hitter on the list is claimed to be the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association).

Some poor soul, cheezed off at having been included in such a list, replied to the message with ‘Unsubscribe’. However, instead of going to info@enlaconline.com as the sender probably assumed, it actually went to everybody on the list entitled ‘pressrelease-bounces@hhi.fraunhofer.de’.

Of course, Countdown2MWC now faces a conundrum. The best way to point out this mistake to everybody would be to send a link to this story to pressrelease-bounces@hhi.fraunhofer.de. Unfortunately, that would effectively spam everyone on the list, too. Tricky one.


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