The GSMA’s Research Open Days in London

July 16, 2011

Increasing your chances of speaking @ MWC 2012

Countdown2MWC spotted this one on the Schwartz Communications blog here. Thanks for the tip. It seems you might get a chance to persuade the GSMA (the show’s organiser) that your company or your client’s company merits a speaking slot at the next Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2012. Although the GSMA officially made its Call for Papers for the 2012 Mobile World Congress on 29th of June here, it’s common knowledge that thousands of companies vie for the available speaking slots. Good news, though. For the first time, the GSMA’s research team has introduced a new step in the selection process called ‘Research Open Days’.These days are an opportunity for companies to meet with the GSMA at its City of London headquarters. It provides attendees with a chance to present a topic for consideration.

The GSMA ‘s aim is to use these days to provide the organisation’s research team with a deeper understanding of the activities of submitting companies. It should also help to level the playing field for the smaller players.

The GSMA has hinted there are only a few remaining slots in the schedule but even those are rapidly filling up. So you’d better be quick. From next Monday [July 18th 2011] to 15th August there are six days with slots still open.

If you don’t make it, you have until 25th August to respond to the GSMA’s Call for Papers.


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