GSMA extends MWC call for papers to September 8th

August 17, 2011

By Rose Ross, @Rose_at_O

Great news for those still trying to pin down that submission. And there are a lot of areas to think about covering. MWC next year has an extensive range of topics it will focus on so we are sure you’ll find an interesting angle or two to fit your expertise. Get submitting here!

    • Advanced Services to Developing Markets
      Innovative solutions to deliver value-added mobile services to markets where mobile broadband coverage is still under development
    • Advertising
      Explore the latest developments in the burgeoning mobile advertising space
    • Applications
      Updates on the massive uptake in mobile applications, OSs and ecosystems
    • BRICSA: Regional Volume Growth
      Close examination of the key mobile trends in some of the markets that combine large subscribers base, fast growth and immense opportunities
    • BSS/OSS
      Updates on new services, solutions and technologies in the support systems and billing space.
    • Cloud
      Cloud has been the buzzword for the past few years and new companies with innovative business models abound. What’s next?
    • Converged Networks
      Challenges of integrating mobile with complementary network technologies such as WiFi, fibre and satellite in order to provide a completely ubiquitous broadband offering.
    • Demonstrating Mobile Innovation
      Cutting-edge innovations that can have a big impact in the future of the mobile industry
    • Devices
      Updates on the latest trends on devices, form factors and media tablets
    • Embedded Mobile:
      Latest trends on the use of mobile embedded technology in vertical industries such as automotive and consumer electronics
    • Mobile Enterprise
      Latest trends on how mobile technologies and services impact productivity in the workplace and how enterprises are getting ready for a marketplace where not only customers, but also partners and employees are everywhere.
    • Mobile Health
      Updates on the latest developments and services in the mHealth market
    • Mobile Money
      Updates on the latest developments, partnerships and services in mobile money
    • Mobile Solutions for Retail
      How is mobile revolutionizing the retail business, from customer-facing strategies to supply chain management?
    • Network Capacity
      Updates on the latest technologies and trends on how mobile operators are tackling network capacity issues
    • Next Generation Networks
      Latest technological breakthroughs and updates on LTE, LTE-Advanced and future-looking trends.
    • Operating Systems and Alternative Development Platforms
      How is the competition shaping up between different OS ecosystems and alternative development platforms such as social network websites and HTML5?
    • Strategies for Growth: Partnerships, JV’s and M&A
      Smart collaboration is becoming as important as smart competition, especially for mobile operators that need to generate scale and find new revenue streams. This session will discuss strategic options to collaborate and better compete such as Joint Ventures, strategic partnerships and M&A
    • Security
      Examining security from both network and mobile device points of view, including software, user privacy and how the industry is responding to those issues
    • Segmentation and Pricing
      How mobile operators are tacking the need to serve an increasingly demanding customer base with segmented offerings and attractive pricing
    • Social Networking
      Updates on the latest trends in social networking from internet, mobile and software players
  • Video
    Examining the impact of video in mobile operators business models, both from a technological and business point of view. Compression and optimization technologies as well as content delivery value chain.

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