Booth babes – Telling IT like IT is: For that you can really on the original Booth babe himself, Nick Booth

January 16, 2012

By Rose Ross, AKA @Rose_at_O

To say I laughed was an understatement. Nick Booth (@onMyBloodyPC), industry hack and almost neighbour of mine, makes some very interesting points in his latest column for UK channel pub, Microscope. Motivated by an interesting topic spawned from CES esp. one trending with his name literally all over it, Nick adds his own spin to the booth babe debate. I wonder whether it will trend again around MWC?

Key chuckle items from Nick include.

–        A suggestion that surely if scantily booth babes work then VMWare should start advertising on Page 3 of the Sun (For anyone not familiar with the Sun and its Page three – it is a British national news paper with a topless girl everyday on page 3 – just writing this makes me uncomfortable)

–        “What sort of man is so impressed by a girl in a swimming costume that it influences his buying decision? That must be a pretty small demographic, too. (mind you, the readers loved the sexist ‘advice’ column I was contractually obliged to write, but they were dinosaurs and got wiped out by the cloud in the end)”

Anyway, if you’ve not come across Nick and his nimble writing before do make a point tuning in to his column when you get a chance. He certainly treats the tech PR fraternity with his classic requests for news via FeaturesExec. One of my favourites here:

“QUERY: Dear PR Nutters,

Experts say Cloud apps could in future be ought by anyone – marketing managers, CFOs and MDs.

So the ground is shifting from under the CIO. Politics at work will get tricky.

A successful cloud project will have many fathers. But a failure will be an orphan. Or worse, the CIOs fault. CIOs will need to learn spin/PR skills.

So, can any PR experts give me tips on:

How to take credit if a Cloud project goes well.

How to wipe your fingerprints from the crimescene if the project goes badly.

I’m writing this with the CIO in mind.

Need to hand it in on Monday. So please keep your tips short. 3 tips max per person.


I don’t know when it will be published, so please don’t keep emailing. Set up a Google Alert or something.”

Please join me to encourage Nick just to write a blog about being a tech hack! I’d be glued (or maybe unglued), until then here’s the Booth babes piece in full!


(PS – Nick, I still want to do that interview for the blogs here 🙂 )


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