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April 8, 2013
The Mobile Network Quarterly launch issue

The Mobile Network Quarterly launch issue

By Rosalind Carr, @Rosalind_at_O

Former Mobile Europe colleagues Keith Dyer and Shahid Ramzan have recently combined forces to launch a new publication called The Mobile Network. We met with them to discuss this new venture.

Launched at Mobile World Congress, The Mobile Network aims to make sense of a broad range of networks, “mapping” them out for the most part in an easy to digest infographics style. The Mobile Network puts the businesses that walk in this space into context, asking who they are and how they fit within the telecoms ecosystem.

A great thing about this publication is that its readership could range from telecoms evangelists to consumers. Editor Keith Dyer describes his vision for TMN, explaining, “I want it to be a site, a place, where we can discuss the technology and services that go together to make mobile networks work. That’s everything from the chip developers, to the platform providers, the Network Equipment Providers and the services and software providers in design, planning, optimisation and operation of a mobile network.”

"Going Underground" feature

“Going Underground” feature

They hope the accompanying website (http://www.the-mobile-network.com/) will become a virtual meeting place and discussion forum for writers, professionals and consumers interested in the telecoms sphere. The Mobile Network website is frequently updated with a combination of news, upcoming events and discussions. The printed publication, The Mobile Network Quarterly, provides highly visual issues packed with regular themed features.

To provide a comprehensive analysis of the mobile telecoms ecosystem, each issue will include:


– 1 feature regarding tech structure

– “Operator Anatomy” – Breakdown of operational structure, where the leading operators are

– Mobile tech research and development – upcoming news in labs and academic outlets

– Regional features and case studies: Europe, Latin America, China, Africa and so forth

Countdown blog team’s first impressions…

"Stadium Design" feature

“Stadium Design” feature

Readers eager to understand the relationship between the mobile network and the consumer will not be disappointed, as TMN opens up informative and digestible discussions which are easy for many to relate to. We were fascinated by their launch issue features surrounding mobile coverage on London Underground – a service which more than a billion of us use each year. For stadium-goers, the issue also explained wireless network design for stadiums, featuring London 2012 as an example, appealing to the broader public.

Click here to keep up to date with The Mobile Network.

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