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Next stop Russia – Mobile Expo

March 22, 2011

Useful if you want to target one of the BRIC nations
by Hans Cett (@HansCett)

The Big Four markets for mobile and cellular are Brazil, Russia India, and China – collectively known as the BRIC sector. It’s easy to forget that one of those – Russia – is actually in Europe (well parts of it are, anyway). So we think it’s quite appropriate to give some exposure to the forthcoming Mobile Expo which is set to take place in Russia in December of this year [2011]. Save the date – December 2nd – 3rd 2011 in your diary. This Mobile Expo is aimed at all the key sectors in today’s mobile world but – unlike other most similar events (MWC in particular) – it is entirely free of charge for visitors. You’ve still got to get to Moscow, of course.

The venue is actually the Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel in Moscow. In due course the companies participating at the show and a list of speakers will appear on the Expo’s website. Here’s the URL for the English language version

At the conference which supports the Expo, there will be four major themes: – mobile devices; mobile communication; mobile software and mobile security.

In the software section, for example, all the major mobile OS will be covered including: – Windows 7; Android; Symbian; RIM/BlackBerry; and Apple’s iOS. Other sections will include spyware; dictionary and translators; plus maps and navigation.

Anyone intending to target Russia should therefore think seriously about attending.

Incidentally, there is still time to attend a show in another BRIC territory – India. The Conclave Bangalore takes place on April 29th and we gave more details about it  here.


Next mobile apps event – Conclave Bangalore

February 22, 2011

Indian city pays host to BRIC apps showcase
by Hans Cett (@HansCett)

Coming down after Barcelona (MWC 2011)? Well, you’ve got two months to record before the next event covering mobile apps. It’s next stop India for the Mobile Apps Conclave – Bangalore Edition. The whole event is entitled ‘The Mobile Web Disruption – Life, Media and Business get Appified’. It’s being organised by CellStrat which readily admits that there will be around some 400 brand, media and technology executives at the event compared to the 60,000 plus who are just returning from MWC 2011. Read the rest of this entry ?