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Interview with Desiré Athow (@desireathow), Editor of TechRadar Pro (@TechRadarPro)

March 19, 2014

By Rosalind Carr (@Rosalind_at_O) and Rose Ross (@Rose_at_O)


Following our article on Desiré’s key event advice and tips (“5 golden PR rules for events”), we chat top tech events, PR pitches and hot topics in tech for 2014…

Q.  Tell us a bit about yourself.

Originally from Mauritius, been in this country for the last 10 years or so. English is my third language and my degree is in sociology. So to land in this country and to work as an editor on one of the biggest B2B websites in the UK is an absolute treat. Prior to working on TechRadar Pro, I was the editor of ITProPortal for 8 years and have been covering and writing tech for my entire adult life.

Q. Tell us a little bit about the title you write for and its interest in data storage/mobile/cloud/infosec/virtualization.

TechRadar Pro is a fairly new title, we’ve been around for less than two years. However, because it has been carved out of TechRadar, UK’s biggest technology website, we already have a significant amount of uniques, far more than more established websites. I seldom write unless I attend an event, have an exclusive or snatch an important interview. As for our areas of interest, our roots lie in computing but my team and I have been working hard on diversifying the content production to include business technology at large. Read the rest of this entry ?


5 golden PR rules for events…

March 4, 2014

By Rosalind Carr @Rosalind_at_O and Rose Ross @Rose_at_O



In the midst of a busy events period, the O-team have had some tips from Désiré Athow(@desireathow), Editor of TechRadar Pro, and are armed with a trusty event PR checklist at the ready!


Here are 5 handy hints for PRs looking to make the most of event opportunities with the press…

 1.      Timing is key in the run up to events – Do not wait for the last week to invite journalists to briefings- pitch as early as possible to bag a slot in their diary! With an initial conversation in advance, you’ll also have the time to get a sense of what they’d like to discuss, and can prepare accordingly if a briefing is arranged.

2.      Communicating with the press – Each journalist is different in the way they like to be pitched. For instance, we can definitely understand Désiré’s aversion to out of the blue PR calls pitching interviews with unknown companies. However, there are now so many ways of communicating, that over time, you can gage different journalists’ preferences for contact. Read the rest of this entry ?


Note for your calendar: US Daylight Saving Time Begins This Week; European Summer Time begins March 31

March 11, 2013

clockconfusionBy Olivia Shannon, @Olivia_at_O

Check your calendars, everyone — US Daylight Saving Time began yesterday, although European Summer Time does not begin until March 31. Marketers  and PR pros should brace themselves for a conference call Armageddon as confusion over the new time difference causes some people to miss scheduled calls. Our advice is Read the rest of this entry ?


Social media: connect, appeal and engage!

December 14, 2012

By Rosalind Carr, @Rosalind_at_O

In the last few weeks, the role of social media has been on our minds, and we’ve started to question how many of us really use this platform to its full potential. Everyone’s signed up, but we’re wondering how many accounts stay updated, with content relevant to followers and therefore considered noteworthy…

We’ve also been contemplating how personal social media handles appear, and how they attract leads for the brand that a personal profile represents. Associating a brand with a face builds connections from person to person which are unique, relevant and interactive.

At the Intellect headquarters in London last month, some of the team attended “Marketing and Sales Group Meeting: CRM and Social Business – Reinvigorating the existing and adding the new.” Here the managing director of Redd Marketing, Leigh Hopwood, spoke on how best to utilize your social media and truly connect with and understand your brand’s followers. Hopwood stressed the importance of social media, noting Read the rest of this entry ?


Are you a #MWC12 showstopper? Then you should be at the Showstoppers event – #PR #mobile #Bloggers #Journalists

February 15, 2012

By Rose Ross, @Rose_at_O

The Launchpad team has known the success of Showstoppers since it was a CeBIT many years ago. At Barcelona, the event has grown from strength to strength and attracts unders of the “creme de la creme” media stars along to a spend a couple of hours with some of the established and rising stars in the mobile industry.

You don’t have to be exhibiting at MWC to actually participate and a price tag of around $4,500 makes a great entry point for media discussions or addition to existing MWC plans. I caught up with Steve Leon, one of the founders to find out a little bit more about what makes Showstoppers standout from our events like this:

SL: “Prior to each event, the exhibiting companies get from me a list of the pre-registered press, complete with contact info and, equally important, newsbeats. We try to collect the newsbeats when the journalists register; it’s optional, but many tell us what they cover. Which means, if you’re a PR agency or exhibitor, you can sort the list to identify the journalists most likely to cover you and your product. ShowStoppers is the only event producer to take this extra step; it’s even rare for tradeshow producers to collect this information.

Exhibitors also get a post-event press list of the journalists who attended – again, with contact info and newsbeats.

To get a hands-on look at some of the things we do to help exhibiting companies meet the press, check these links: – which in turn links to press kits, “meet the exhibitor” summaries, and more. – the NewsDesk blog, which goes live with new postings starting 24 hours ahead of each event – and I give all the registered journalists a heads up and the link, to help them get started.”

This type of bespoke approach does make a lot of sense to ensure that the time spent at the event yields the maximum for the companies exhibiting there.

So if you have news to share around MWC, you should definitely consider Showstoppers as part of your PR mix for the show.

We look forward to hearing how it goes! PS – Check out there countdown to Showstoppers on their website. Unsurprisingly we love it!


7 marketing quotes that make us go “HUH???” (in honour of Freddie Mercury)

September 5, 2011

By Olivia Shannon, @olivia_at_o

In honour of the late Freddie Mercury—the king and Queen of bizarre lyrics that, even more bizarrely, actually make sense—today we are blogging about a few of our favourite PR and marketing quotes that make us go “HUH???”

Here they are, in no particular order. If you have some you want to share (and please do!), you can email us at or share them with us on Twitter (@321mwc).

Read the rest of this entry ?