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5 golden PR rules for events…

March 4, 2014

By Rosalind Carr @Rosalind_at_O and Rose Ross @Rose_at_O



In the midst of a busy events period, the O-team have had some tips from Désiré Athow(@desireathow), Editor of TechRadar Pro, and are armed with a trusty event PR checklist at the ready!


Here are 5 handy hints for PRs looking to make the most of event opportunities with the press…

 1.      Timing is key in the run up to events – Do not wait for the last week to invite journalists to briefings- pitch as early as possible to bag a slot in their diary! With an initial conversation in advance, you’ll also have the time to get a sense of what they’d like to discuss, and can prepare accordingly if a briefing is arranged.

2.      Communicating with the press – Each journalist is different in the way they like to be pitched. For instance, we can definitely understand Désiré’s aversion to out of the blue PR calls pitching interviews with unknown companies. However, there are now so many ways of communicating, that over time, you can gage different journalists’ preferences for contact. Read the rest of this entry ?


Social media: connect, appeal and engage!

December 14, 2012

By Rosalind Carr, @Rosalind_at_O

In the last few weeks, the role of social media has been on our minds, and we’ve started to question how many of us really use this platform to its full potential. Everyone’s signed up, but we’re wondering how many accounts stay updated, with content relevant to followers and therefore considered noteworthy…

We’ve also been contemplating how personal social media handles appear, and how they attract leads for the brand that a personal profile represents. Associating a brand with a face builds connections from person to person which are unique, relevant and interactive.

At the Intellect headquarters in London last month, some of the team attended “Marketing and Sales Group Meeting: CRM and Social Business – Reinvigorating the existing and adding the new.” Here the managing director of Redd Marketing, Leigh Hopwood, spoke on how best to utilize your social media and truly connect with and understand your brand’s followers. Hopwood stressed the importance of social media, noting Read the rest of this entry ?


PR Note on Calling Your Company a “Leader” : Publications Do It, Too

August 2, 2012

By Olivia Shannon, @Olivia_at_O

It’s a delightful story of spin and double standards in the media world…

Journalists often say it annoys them when press releases refer to a company as “leading” or “the leader”—unless, of course, the company actually is the market leader in its industry. You can’t blame them. I imagine it gets tiresome wading through hundreds of press releases from hundreds of companies all boasting they are the “leaders” of their industries, even if that is just plain not true. Read the rest of this entry ?


#MWC Prep: 12 No-Holds-Barred Interviews with Top Telecoms Journalists & Analysts

February 11, 2011

By Olivia Shannon (@olivia_at_o)

The prep starts here.

We’ve compiled the links to this year’s Countdown2MWC interviews with your favourite telecoms journalists and analysts, just in time for Mobile World Congress.

Which telecoms analyst shared a special moment with Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise? Which journalist once spent a weekend with Bill Nighy’s family? Who appeared briefly in the film Independence Day?

Read the interviews and find out!

A hearty “thank-you” to our contributors. These interviews make fun, engaging reading and excellent briefing prep.

Peruse at your leisure or share with your clients – but please credit

Attending MWC:

Sky News Gadgeteer: Q&A with Martin Stanford, BSkyB (Twitter: @martinstanford)

Telecoms Consultant and Writer: Q&A with Alun Lewis

Industry View from a Mobile Telecoms Veteran: Q&A with Alan Burkitt-Gray, Editor of Global Telecoms Business (@alanburkittgray)

Introducing M2M Now: Q&A with Jeremy Cowan, Editorial Director of VanillaPlus and M2M Now (@jcm2m)

Leading European journalist: Q&A with Keith Dyer, Editor of Mobile Europe (@keithdyer)

Q&A with Andy Lim, Editorial Director at Recombu (@andylim)

Q and A: Up close and personal with Bill Ray from The Register (@bill4000)

Q&A with George Malim, Freelance Journalist and Editor of VanillaPlus (@georgemalim)

Not attending MWC:

Q&A with Rob Bamforth, Principal Analyst at Quocirca (@rob_bamforth)

Q&A with Teresa Cottam, Research and Publications Director at Telesperience (@Teresacottam)

QandA: Peter Dykes – Senior Analyst, Networks at Informa

Q&A with Christine Horton, Editor of Channel Pro